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New Year, New Gear

January 30th, 2015

Well the doom of January is now over and we look into February with great expectations of another great kiting season ahead of us.
So whats hot for 2015? The market is full of great gear this year and the choices are vast. The differences between the top brands such as North, Naish, Liquidforce and F-One and Ozone are slowly reducing, with all brands now offering a worthy quick release system and great production quality.
So, how do you tell the difference? what makes one brand better than the other? On what basis should you make your decision on which brand or model to purchase?
Many of these questions can be answered quite simply. Based on brand familiarity, exposure, and of course availability of support. Quite simply there is no point buying brand X for cheap money if you can’t get a depower line replacement within a reasonable amount of time, when your old one wears out. We can’t imagine anything worse than sitting at home watching the trees swaying, when all your friends are ripping it up down at the beach.
Also, there is no point buying from some bloke in his bedroom who just happens to have a few going cheap, if you need to use a warranty for any reason, as it will be worthless unless tied to an official dealership of that brand.
So what else seperates each brand from another? Feeling.
Yep i know its sounds all gushy, but we’re not talking about the kite having feelings for you, we’re talking about kite feedback and the “feel” of the kite that you experience. And this is where we hope you’ll agree that no two kites, or two people for that matter, are the same.
Everyone has their preference when it comes to kitesurf gear, as some prefer more depower, some prefer less. Some prefer more bar feel, others prefer less. Some people want a fast kite on the waves, others prefer slow.
This is why when you call us up for advice on which product to go for, you’ll find us asking many questions in order to establish what you “really” want from a kite, so that we can advise not only on brand, but also on feel. Those more astute will also notice how we often ask the same questions in different ways to really extract exactly the information we need to ensure you get the gear that will suit YOU the most.
Hopefully you’ll find our service is not just smiles and deals, but also using our years of experience to ensure that when you ride for the first time on your new kite gear, whatever brand you choose, you’ll be thinking “this is exactly what I wanted”.

2015 Dice now in stock!

August 15th, 2014

The new 2015 Dice has arrived in stock! Cracking kites!

North Dice kitesurf kite 2015

2015 North Rebel now in stock

August 5th, 2014

The 2015 North Rebel has arrived!

Click for more info: North Rebel 2015

Light Wind Opportunities

July 31st, 2014

I’ll be the first to admit that over the years I’ve become more and more ‘picky’ about when to go out kiting. Probably because like most other kiters, spare time becomes less and less and we really want every session to be as perfect as possible. Most recently it’s got to the point where I wouldn’t even bother rigging up unless there was at least an average of 20knots and a ripple of a wave rather than standard UK chop.

Problem is, it just meant my time on the water was becoming less and less, and this appeared to put pressure on the fewer times that I did manage to escape to the water, so that when I was out it had to be a “perfect” session everytime, and I’d get frustrated very easily if it didn’t turn out that way.

There’s only one way to solve this, and that’s to get out more often. For some this means going to the ultra lightwind of foiling boards and race boards. For me it just meant going out in conditions using kites bigger than a 9m and trying new stuff. And guess what, I’m really enjoying it.

I’m now finding that light wind is a great opportunity to either try new stuff or brush up on exisiting stuff. Lighter winds enable you to take full advantage of larger kites stability and predictability, meaning less effort needs to be given to the kite and more concentration can be applied to whatever it is you’re learning.

Of course, not everything can be well practiced in very light conditions, for example learning mega-loops on an 18m is no fun! However, there’s enjoyment to be had in these summertime lightwinds, just in a shorty wetsuit in this great weather we’ve got at the moment, and learning stuff in warm water without getting dragged all over the place by big winds.

Even if you don’t want to learn something new, an hour on the water, and a chat with the guys on the beach (and possibly a cold beverage on the way home 😉 works wonders for the soul and extra hours of fun are never wasted time.

With the abundance of decent 12m available and the release of amazing dedicated light wind kites such as the North Juice, Naish FLY and Liquid Force SOLO having power and good turning speed too, along with some great surfboard/lightwind boards then there’s nothing stopping you from getting out on the water more often – and enjoying it!

So go on, try it, I know you’ll love it.


The new 2014 North Juice

May 11th, 2014

Lightwind weapon available now! click on image below:

North kitebaording juice 2014

Liquid Force SOLO test review

April 28th, 2014

So, I’ve got to admit from the start that although curious, I wasn’t really expecting great things from Liquid Force kite’s new addtion to the 2014 lineup, the LF SOLO, having ridden one strut designs in the past.

Before we delve into the details, lets have a quick review of what one strut kitesurf kites have to offer. Firstly, they are lighter, which means in the lighter winds there is less weight to support, they also have less drag (if made without a huge diameter leading edge) and so are good in light wind conditions. One strut kites like the SOLO also have the ability to turn quickly. The reduction in weight and wide wind range make these kites ideal for travellers wanting to pack light, but also serve for waveriders wanting something that turns very quickly.

The Liquidforce SOLO doesn’t disappoint. I was on the surf board riding the 6.5m SOLO when everyone else (even those on surfboards) were on 9’s and 10’s (even the odd 12m) in 18-23knots of wind. The kite, much to my amazement, has a thin leading edge and the single strut is not not much thicker than a push-bike innnertube, this is in complete contrast to other commercially released one-strut designs.

The thin leading edge means the kite has less drag so accelerates quickly and is happy to move to the front of the window when required, allowing a much better upwind tack angle than other one-strut designs I’ve tried. It also means that the kite is inflated in seconds, making for a very quick rigging time.

On the water and the kite is very nimble and the power delivery very smooth. The SOLO turns almost within its own dimensions, kiteloops are predictable and fun with none of the “snatching” that was expected from a one strut kite.
I have to admit that a bit of trailing edge flap was present during the kite loops, its to be expected, but i’ve ridden 5 strut kites that have flapped more. The kite’s ability to soak up the gusts, to be able to maintain such a smooth power, and yet i tried and tried to oversheet the kite without sucess even in such lightwind conditions for a 6.5m.

Water relaunch was also as simple as any other kite, just pull on a back line and the kite is straight out the water, I even tried “hot launching” through the middle of the window when out at sea, and so long as push the bar right out, it was really no drama. Speaking of the bar it was, again, suprisingly different to what was expected. Generally because of the wide deep canopies on one-strut designs, a heavy ‘sluggish’ bar response is expected, but not the case here. The bar was right in the middle, no arm ache, but able to feel where the kite was at all times.

We’ve yet to explore the upper wind ranges of the design, but if the changeable condtions of this test are anything to go by, then it’ll be a breeze. We can’t wait to get back out on it.

The Liquid Force SOLO one-strut kite is avilable from Bracklesham Boardriders from mid May 2014.

Liquid Force Solo

North Neo 2014 out now!

February 5th, 2014

The New North Neo 2014 kitesurf kite is out now!

North Neo 2014, is now becoming a world famous wave kite. This kitesurfing Kite is very low aspect so giving it the ability to sit or fall deep in the wind window. It drifts always being in the right place. The kite is faster again than the 2013, giving a more direct faster feel on the bar. Great low end grunt, and super stable. If you love riding waves, but dont want to miss the comfort of freeriding then the Neo is for you

For more info, click the image below:
North Neo 2014

Happy 2014 – Free Kitesurfing Available!

January 1st, 2014

First of all, a happy new year to all our kiting friends, we’ve been blessed with a huge amount of wind over the past couple of weeks and it looks set to continue onwards. Get out kiting as much as you can and enjoy the super winds, and now the evening are slowly starting to stay lighter for longer, its not long till summer 😉

If you haven’t gone out yet over the winter, you should really consider picking up one of special deal super winter suits. The new kitesurf suits available from us really are a whole league apart from the standard “surf” suits that were the only thing available years back. Kitesurf wetsuits are mega stretchy and have a great number of features far over a regular surf suit, to make winter riding a thoroughly good experience, without having to move around like some sort of swamp zombie!

We’re also lining up a number of free things over this new year, and beyond, in addition to the free stuff we already offer you. You do know about the webcam we provide on the beach here? if not check it out! http://www.kitesurfcam.co.uk
We also provide super accurate weather information from our live system also based on the beach front available here – www.brackleshamweather.co.uk or if using your smartphone, go to our mobile site www.brackleshamweather.co.uk/phone.
On the live weather site you can also view the tide times for the week ahead, for free!

We are running a number of free get-togethers to help those are yet to master their skills come together in small groups whilst building their confidence, and making kiting friends – nothing beats having a great social beach down here and long may it continue, so if interested – get in touch!
In addition to our regular schooling we also provide free advise and tuition for those changing their kiting skillset, so whether you’re struggling to gybe that surfboard, or want to get into handlepasses’ then we can use our experience and help get you there quicker.

Off course we’re always on hand for all aspects of free advice, whether it be which quiver size to go for, or tips on how to change a bladder, we’re here to help in 2014 – put us to the test!

Good winds,

BBR team

2014 North Pro Series Test & Review

October 19th, 2013

Okay, we’ll admit this upfront. We’re not pro riders. We’re never going to be pro-riders.
We all like to secretly think of ourselves as pro riders, and for everyone, the lure of a camera lense twinkling on the beach always makes us want to perform better.
So why bother testing a North Pro series surfboard? Is the innegra carbon top reinforcement really needed for those of us who are happy to just be able to tack a surfboard, let alone compete on a World Tour?

Without actually looking at a Pro Series board in the flesh, for most of us, when we hear the words “Pro series” we instantly think of long, thin, “gunn” style surf boards that are built super light and fragile, and of no use in the typical UK conditions that we often refer to in our tests.

The 2014 North Pro series is none of those.

As soon as our 5’11 pro board was out the wrapper, you could tell the lines would work well in “normal” conditions and we weren’t disappointed. The slightly fuller nose, conservative rocker (with a tiny uplift in the tail) and easy rails with a thruster setup instantly grabbed our attention. This wasn’t going to be a board only built for the most perfect of conditions. This board looks like it has been built as an alrounder with a few extras.

Only one way to find out and thats to hit the water.

We used the 2013 North Neo kite (8m) in around 22knots and a small swell of just 1-1.5m for the most part, with some long upwind tacks and a bumpy chop to contain with. The board impressed as soon as as it left the beach. A really responsive turn from the thruster fins, able to build speed quickly whilst equally able to shed it if “hanging back” for the wave. Stable when kept flat making easy gybes possible and the full nose helped stop the “submarining” of the nose if you’re a bit late on the entry and find yourself pointing downhill a little too much. What suprised us most was how well the board handled lumpy conditions for the tacks back upwind. The chop was soaked up with ease and no leg ache from excessive nose bounce. The Pro series is more than happy to rip the tops of the waves without feeling like you need to burst a blood vessel of effort to make it happen, but grip is well maintained through choppy water bottom turns.

At a price that’s a £100 more than the North Wam 2014, is it worth the extra spend? Only you can decide, but we’re all pro’s here now, so we’ve got to keep one! 😉

Order the North 2014 Pro Series with 0% finance.

north pro series 2014

2014 North Surfboards now available

September 23rd, 2013

The 2014 range of North Surfboards are now available, including a redesign on the infamous WHIP and a small mod to the ever popular WAM. The 2014 Nugget is now available in 2 sizes too!

Click on the image to see the full 2014 North Surfboard Lineup:

Online Kitesurf shop
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